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  • What is Fit.Cells?
    Fit.Cells is a mobile app that lets you search for Open Gyms, Group Classes or Personal Trainers. View, Book and Pay for sessions with ease and top up your Fit.Cells' wallet as and when you need to without any recurring subscriptions or monthly commitments.
  • Is Fit.Cells free to use?
    Signing up for Fit.Cells is free. To book your workout, simply ensure you have sufficient money in your wallet! Topping up your Fit.Cells' wallet is easy and convenient with multiple methods such as using a Debit/Credit Card or PayNow. To top it off, the money in your e-wallet does not expire, ever!
  • How can I access Fit.Cells?
    Fit.Cells is available for download on the GooglePlay Store and Apple Appstore!
  • I have logged in with my Apple ID previously, but somehow, I can't log in anymore now. Why?"
    You might have logged in using another mode of Apple ID log in. When you first logged into Fit.Cells with Apple ID, you would have been asked to choose an option "Hide my Email" or "Share my Email". Subsequently, whenever prompted, you will need to choose the same option, otherwise it will be deemed a different account. To overcome this, follow the steps below: If problem persists, contact us at for further assistance.
  • What are the main benefits of using Fit.Cells?
    1. You get instant access to hundreds of workout venues and classes in Singapore (and in future, regionally) through the app. Set your own parameters and search for your desired timing, type of workout, or venue according to your location. Confirm your booking via the e-wallet in your app, and with instant confirmation, you can show up at their workout venue at the appointed time. 2. You are no longer tied to any monthly subscriptions/commitments of any kind to the app or any venue. 3. Fit.Cells users know exactly how much they pay per booking; no more complex calculations or conversions from credits to dollars and cents! 4. The money in your e-wallet does not expire.
  • Can I change a booking I made on Fit.cells?
    After a booking is confirmed on Fit.cells, it cannot be changed, but can only be cancelled. To change the timing of your workout, the venue, or the date, you will need to make a new booking. Any refunds are subjected to the venue’s cancellation policies, which are clearly stated before booking.
  • Can I get a refund on a booking that I cancel on Fit.cells?
    Users will need to refer to the cancellation and refund policy of the venue during booking.
  • Does the money in my e-wallet expire?
    No, it does not expire.
  • Can I pay for entry packs on Fit.cells e.g. 10 entries for the same venue?
    Fit.Cells currently do not cater for payment of entry packs.
  • Can I withdraw the money from the e-wallet app?
    No you can't. But the money in your e-wallet does not expire!
  • Do you offer Corporate membership accounts?
    We are open for discussion. Drop us an email at and let's work together.
  • Who holds the money when I pay for my Personal Training packages?
    When Fit.Cells receives payment for Personal Training Packages, the money is held by Fit.Cells on behalf of the user. Payment will be disbursed to Personal Trainers with the completion of each conducted session. In the event of early termination or dispute, Fit.Cells will disburse relevant payments to respective parties based on the circumstances and the package terms and conditions.
  • If I'm a Gym/Studio Owner or Personal Trainer, how can I get listed on Fit.Cells?"
    Please email us at or fill up a form here and we will get in touch real soon!
  • How can I contact customer support?
    Please email for any customer support questions.
  • What private information do you collect about me?
    Our private information collection process is compliant with PDPA guidelines. Please refer to our enduser license agreement for further details. At any point should you wish your information to be removed from our databases, we will do so upon request.
  • Can I use the wallet top-up from Singapore to book a workout session in Indonesia or vice versa?
    Unfortunately, no. The wallet top-up is specific to each country, meaning that you will need to top up your wallet in the country where you intend to book the workout session. For example, if you want to book a workout session in Indonesia, you will need to top up your wallet in Indonesia. Similarly, if you plan to book a workout session in Singapore, you must top up your wallet in Singapore. Therefore, you cannot use a wallet top-up from one country to book a workout session in another country.
  • How is it that my money is safe?
    When you purchase a PT package, Fit.Cells will hold on to your money and will only disburse to the PT after each session is completed.
  • What happens If i cancel my session?
    Kindly refer to the cancellation policy to know if your cancellation is chargeable.
  • Can I terminate my package?
    Yes, you can terminate your package. You will need to refer to the package details for termination terms and conditions.
  • How do I book a trainer through the Fit.Cells app?
    1. Choose a PT – Find a PT specialization, location and available timing that suits you. Some PT provide a Travel to you package where PT will travel to client’s location. 2. Purchasing a package – Take note of the cancellation policy, advance booking requirement and termination policy 3. Book your session - Select the date, location and time. 4. Workout – You will receive an email notification and save it to your calendar.
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